Written/Directed by Trevor Sagan

Starring: Emil Sagan, Bill Sagan, Whitney Sagan

Runtime: 00:04:00

Filmed at Hole #4, Dolphin Head Country Club, Hilton Head, SC


Set Stories

tee serious face


GRACE is about an aging golfer who finds his swing.


swing putter



on teetrees"We are talking about a State of Grace...where the swing is never learned. It's remembered."

-Steven Pressfield





flagon pathGRACE begins as an aging golfer approaches his favorite par 3 hole. There is something about this particular golf hole that has always touched him. Maybe it's the wind blowing through the big tree by the green, or the gurgling fountain in the pond, but this hole makes him feel like he is connected to something larger than himself.






tee downwhitHe leans over to tee up his ball, but finds his sore back won't let him bend down to the grass. He steps back, raises his driver, and remembers what it was like to be young, how it felt to swing easy with the athleticism and explosiveness of his youth.








He continues to play the hole, using the best parts of himself and his memories. He calls on the power of his youth, the ability of his mid-age, and the experience of his elderly self to help him play the hole.








dad2papasan looks upWhen he makes a long putt for his par, the man smiles and looks up at the trees and sky, feeling closer to an answer than he ever has. But his journey is far from over. He walks off his favorite hole and the ghosts of his younger selves walk with him, slowly fading away until it’s just an old man, walking alone across a green, anticipating the challenges ahead.





Loneliness is the scythe of the game, its midnight heart and terror...

Listen to me, Junah, while I deliver to you the supreme and ultimate secret of the game...

You are never alone.


p4 three