Cerro Gordo

Websites of Town Pictures: http://www.cerrogordo.us/index.htm


Video of Town: Cerro Gordo 1, Cerro Gordo 2

Filming Location: Cerro Gordo, CA (6 miles North and 6,000 ft up from Keeler, CA)

Length: 4 minutes, 48 seconds

This one was shot all on a mini-DV, an old one too.






Shot explanation: (I'll explain each shot. Each new explanation corresponds with a dissolve)

1: Pan of a pretty desert dune hillock in the town of Keeler, at the base of the mountain path leading up to Cerro Gordo. In a pinch, this would be an excellent vista for you to stumble across.

2,3,4,5: Quick shots of the drive up the mountain. Good views of the valley below, good cacti.

6: The entrance of Cerro Gordo, with the American Hotel up on the hill (as the sun flares the camera).

7: Better shot of the American Hotel.

8. Porch of the General Store, up the Main Road of Cerro Gordo.

9. Inside the General Store: Some of the trinkets pulled from the surrounding area.

10. Some of the silver ore pulled from the hills.

11. More fragments, ceramics, layed out on two tables outside the General Store.

12. Part of the abandoned railway system that was used to transport silver ore down to the town of Keeler in the valley.

13. The abandoned smelting factory that was used to pull the ore up from the mine shafts.

14. A mine shaft warning sign.

15. A look down one of the shafts, only the first 20 ft. or so are visible, but it runs for miles.

16. The smelting and production machines in the factory.

17. A sealed mine shaft dug right into the side of the mountain.

18. Inside the entrance of the sealed mine.

19. The dinner bell as seen from right in front of the American Hotel.

20. The 'greeting' room at the front of the Hotel, still dressed up as it was in the late 1800s.

21. The saloon in the Hotel, and the great old bar.

22. The pot-bellied stove in the saloon.

23. The back poker room behind the saloon.

24. Bhind the bar of the saloon with all the old and new glasses.

25. A reverse look at the saloon with the intricate ceiling boards and latticework.

26. Side-view of te front of the American Hotel, especially the balcony.

27. A chimney, all that remains of a house that used to be at the entrance to Cerro Gordo, and a view down the long road to the valley and Keeler.

This is the location up by Keeler that is an excellent ghost town that I think would work perfectly for the town scene in SCORP. I have early permission to film, hell we wouldn't even need much, just a few hours around sunset should do it, I would think. You, the girl, and a few extras to use at the end. Now, it is far away and that might put a crimp in the plans. Plug in Keeler, CA into Yahoo Maps and you will get a sense. I just like the area. I also like the bar, I think we should do a very quick scene with KARA in that bar, man its just beautiful. That is a great balcony up top on the main hotel too. Also a lot of fun locations on the site to shoot townspeople 'on watch'. I don't know if this can work, but it could be fun.




written 7/30/06