SUNDAY SAIL - Summer 2004


Filming Locations: Marina Del Ray Bay, MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA Production Offices

Length: 4 minutes, 14 seconds


The short above was primarily compiled to test two new features that I had recently added to Final Cut Pro 4: A morping generator and a 'film' filter. However, I also made this as a small little video for my Mom: a sailing daydream. I filmed this during pre-production on MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA, and it was a nice change of pace to film something relaxing during a very stressful time of my career. I had rented a 22-ft. sailboat on Sunday, and had some time to kill before picking up some friends from the marina. I figured I would use this time to discover if I remembered how to sail. When an hour had passed and I had not run into any other sea-faring vessels or land, I decided to capture some of the beautiful images that passed me by.

It was edited over a weekend, with a Modest Mouse song that seemed to fit the images. As I had not yet learned how to construct moving morphs, this short still uses still image morphs. The morphs were also not planned ahead of time, hence the awkward first morph from the office to the boat. I thought the 'film' filter came off well, though it is a bit hard to tell with the quality of the movie above. I like the rich sepia tone, the image jumps, and the dots and hair in the 'lens'. In retrospect, it is nice to see the small glimpses of the MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA production offices. We spent so much time in those offices that summer, it is nice to see a visual record of that space, no matter how fleeting or insignificant. I wasn't striving for any deeper message or theme, SUNDAY SAIL was an excuse to test some new features of my editing program and also make a wistful and calming set of images that I thought my Mom would enjoy.


written 7/14/06