Written/Directed by Trevor Sagan

Starring: Nigel Campbell, Kathleen Mulready

Runtime: 00:17:14

Filmed in San Francisco, Marin, and Brisbane, CA


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SEARCH & RESCUE is about a man who learns that his girlfriend has been killed overseas in military combat and his struggle to come to terms with her death.

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nbadnewstitleThe film begins with Cale, played by Nigel Campbell, returning home after a run. We see his apartment, his pictures, and understand that he has a girlfriend, Molly, who is in the army overseas. A military officer knocks on the door. Cale immediately knows what has happened; Molly, played by Kathleen Mulready, has been killed in action. His world starts to crumble, he can't feel. A dish smashes at his feet and he can’t remember how it happened. Cale goes to work.



kbloodfacekwarwalkAt work, Cale can't stop thinking about Molly. He tortures himself, imagining how she died in increasingly horrific sequences. He asks himself questions: How much pain was she in? Did she die quickly? Did she think of me?






gunfireyellHe becomes more consumed with his thoughts, obsessed with Molly's death. As Cale's fantasy reaches its bloody climax, Cale finds himself screaming in the office.








Back at home, Cale grabs the envelope that contains Molly's things. He runs to the Golden Gate Bridge. He steps onto the red railing that hangs over the bay, contemplating one more big step. Cale opens the envelope and finds a picture of Molly. Something is written on the back of the picture, “Find me-Fort Cronkhite.






redsunset2The message on Molly's picture leads Cale on a search for the rest of the film, desperate to find anything of Molly that he can. His journey brings him to forts, an old bunker, and finally the edge of a cliff where the sun is setting over the Pacific. He has remembered so many things about Molly; about their relationship and how they fell in love in the first place. Cale isn't sure if he has reached the end, or if Molly has rescued him, and shown him a new beginning.





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