SEARCH & RESCUE - Production Pictures


I wish I could say that I had a million set pictures from S&R, because we did really have a good time and get to see some of the best areas of San Francisco, but I don't actually have that many. Most films, even shorts, hire a set photographer, which would have been a really good idea, but considering how dashed and on-the-fly this shoot was, I'm not sure a photographer would have been able to keep up. Anyways, here is what we have, in order of the days:

DAY 1: On the first day, it was just Kathleen and myself shooting all her war footage in an old train building down in Brisbane, right by the San Francisco Airport. It was a long and bloody morning.

Kathleen prepping for her bloodening-




ksetA moment for Kathleen alone with the camera in the rusty nail-infested Brisbane set-













Kathleen laughing in relief that the morning is over. Macho Man Sagan walking around set with an Uzi and a pistol. Kathleen wondering why the hell I'm making her drive back to the city with her full makeup still on.




tkfrontWe are outside my apartment in San Francisco where Kathleen's bloody head just scared the crap out of some poor lady and her two dogs.









For the second part of the day, we drove north out near Point Bonitas in Marin to an old militry bunker standing atop a 200 foot cliif. This is where the finale of the film takes place and I needed to take a picture of Kathleen, the picture that is used throughout the film as Cale's guide. Our first few efforts didn't go so well:

kbunkershadowFor some reason, for the first dozen or so shots, I don't realize that my shadow is very clearly in the picture. Since the place I am standing is quite literally 6 inches from a 200-ft dropoff, I wasn't quite sure how to get myself out of the picture.










kbunkercoverEventually, I hit upon the brilliant deduction that if I shot Kathleen from below, my shadow wouldn't be in shot. I believe this is Kathleen hiding her face so she doesn't have to see me trip and plunge to my death.