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Year Two up at the Sundance Film Festival. I went up a bit earlier this year and was able to experience the entire 10 days of the festival. It was enormously exhausting, but I got to meet a lot more importatn people and see more films. Specifically, I came up early to help out Tze Chun shop around a proposal to acquire financing for his feature film, Superpink. His short, Windowbreaker, was a short film that was in Sundance this year. Unfortunately, the short of his that I provided finishing funds for. Cold Feet, was not accepted into the festival this year. I saw 30 films, and I thought it was a superior selection of films compared to 2006. I didn't have one 5-star rating in last year's coverage of this festival, and here I have two.

One note I'd like to make: The 3 Groar rating is mostly used to rate films that didn't really motivate any kind of reaction from me, good or bad. They were technically proficient, but didn't move me towards a yea or nea in any meaningful way. There are two exceptions to this tendency: Chicago 10 and An American Crime. Both of these films evoked strong reactions from me, but they had as many negative aspects as positive and I had to give them the 'average' rating. The 'Analysis' portion of my review will explain why.


AN AMERICAN CRIME Groar 1Groar 2Groar 3

AWAY FROM HER Groar 1Groar 2Groar 3

BLACK SNAKE MOAN Groar 1Groar 1Groar 1Groar 1Groar 4.5

CHICAGO 10 Groar 1Groar 1Groar 1

EAGLE VS. SHARK Groar 1Groar 1Groar 4.5

FIDO Groar 1Groar 1Groar 1


FOUR SHEETS TO THE WIND Groar 1Groar 1Groar 1Groar 1Groar 4.5

GRACE IS GONE Groar 1Groar 1Groar 1Groar 1Groar 1

IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON Groar 1Groar 2Groar 3Groar 4

INTERVIEW Groar 1Groar 1Groar 4.5

JOSHUA Groar 1Groar 2

LONGFORD Groar 1Groar 1Groar 1Groar 1

MANDALA BALA Groar 1Groar 1Groar 1Groar 1


MISS NAVAJO Groar 1Groar 2Groar 3Groar 4.5

MY KID COULD PAINT THAT Groar 1Groar 1Groar 1Groar 1Groar 1

ONCE Groar 1Groar 1Groar 1Groar 1

PADRE NUESTRO Groar 1Groar 2Groar 3Groar 4.5

RED ROAD Groar 1Groar 2

ROCKET SCIENCE Groar 1Groar 1Groar 1Groar 1


SNOW ANGELS Groar 1Groar 1Groar 4.5

SON OF RAMBOW Groar 1Groar 2Groar 3Groar 4Groar 4.5

TEETH Groar 1Groar 1Groar 1Groar 1

THE GO-GETTER Groar 1Groar 1Groar 1

THE GOOD NIGHT Groar 1Groar 1

THE SAVAGES Groar 1Groar 1Groar 1

WAITRESS Groar 1Groar 1Groar 1

WAR DANCE Groar 1Groar 2Groar 3Groar 1